Downtown LA Graffiti and Mural tour

Downtown LA Graffiti/Mural Tour

When we did our first graffiti/mural tour back in 2011, it was a treasure hunt for unique urban art that often vanished under fresh paint soon after it appeared.

What a difference the years have made!


“I would highly recommend taking this tour, whether you’re a jaded SoCal native or just visiting our beautiful city. You’ll be both delighted and surprised by the cultural richness of what you find.”

Sasha via


The bustling and rapidly changing Arts District in Downtown LA is experiencing a mural and graffiti art boom of epic proportions! If you’ve never been to the Arts District (or not been lately) you’ll be amazed at what is in store as your guide walks you past massive murals and ducks around corners to show you hidden gems that would be missed in a quick car trip through the neighborhood.

Your knowledgeable guide will give you history and insight, and maybe even spot you one of the elusive artists at work. We make stops (including a bathroom/refreshment break) at several unique locations including a visit to our friends at the all new ARTS District Co-op. Thanks to your amazing guides (we use actual DTLA muralists and artists as our guides) you will get secret access to hidden spots that other people would never get a chance to see.

After the tour, you can relax and soak in the culture of this amazing neighborhood at one of several great restaurants, coffee shops and bars hidden about. Your guide will be able to point you towards the best spots to enjoy the rest of your day in Downtown LA. The tour covers approximately 2 miles of walking, so bring comfortable shoes!


The DOWNTOWN GRAFFITI AND MURAL tour starts in front of Dejavita art boutique and Shreebs Coffee in the Arts District.

533 Colyton St, Los Angeles, 90013:

If their lot is open, our friends at Dejavita welcome you to park in their lot. You can stop on in and see their shop of great art or grab a coffee from our friends at Shreebs before or after the tour.



“Meet one of your Guides: Hector H. Calderon aka Shandu One
shanduoneHector moved to LA from El Paso in 1975. He formed “LA Bomb Squad” (LABS) with other neighborhood kids, and they went on to become internationally recognized as pioneers of the LA graffiti scene. He was the first artist to paint the infamous Belmont Tunnel, and together they used their art as an alternate to gangs and drugs. Still in close contact with the local graffiti/mural scene, Hector works as a graphic artist, fine artist, local youth mentor, and is the proud father of two wonderful daughters.  His art has been seen in galleries across LA, in magazines and newspapers, and was published in The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art and Los Angeles Graffiti. He is also a resident artist/sculptor at La Fonderie, the new fine arts foundry in Los Angeles and was recently was asked by the Getty to participate, and draw a piece for the “Lber Abicorum” (Book of Friends). A book that depicts the history of L. A. Graffiti through a hundred plus graff artist, and their artwork.
“My goal : To give back to the community where I grew up in Los Angeles, and to teach,
mentor, and inspire young emerging artists so they can be directed towards the arts, rather
than towards gangs and drugs.” Hector Calderon 



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