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Guided Group Tours

Cub Scout Troop Tour

LA Art Tours specializes in small group guided walking tours that go off the beaten path. Anyone can wander galleries sandwiched between boutiques and salons in Beverly Hills. Anyone can go to massive Artwalk and jostle with crowds of thousands for a peek at a few paintings.

We take a different approach.

We take you into the lofts, studios, and creative art spaces of artists all over the Los Angeles region. We bring you up close and personal to urban art. We bring you special behind-the-scenes glimpses of lesser known galleries that are off the beaten path. And we arrange occasional art adventures that defy description!

Brewery Oddities Tour

Brewery Oddities Tour

Let us be your guide

Yes, you can go hit all the local gallery openings and jostle for space as you stare at the static artwork. Or wander around town looking for hidden art spaces equipped with a smart phone, Google, and a map app. And you might have some luck. But once you start trying to walk into artist’s lofts unannounced, you will find your welcome less than cordial (not always…but be extra careful around artists who eagerly welcome in total strangers… you might become their next piece of art.)

So let us wander around town getting uncordial welcomes, while we scout for new artistic adventures. Then you can relax, and let our knowledgeable guides give you the awesome access into the lives and work of artists you would normally never get to experience.slide1d

Fun. Informative. Unique.

Each of our tours is a unique experience. We carefully select them to be entertaining, informative, and laced with a bit of adventure.
Perfect for:

  • a fun social occasion with a group of friends
  • a unique and memorable date
  • a touch of artistic insight and education you won’t find anywhere else
  • a lovely bit of exercise for your body and soulaIMG_0163sm

Current Group Tours (click here for our special event/one time tours)  (click here for Private Tours)

Brewery Arts Complex Tour A guided tour of the world’s largest Art Colony! Your resident artist guides walk you into the studios to meet the artists and immerse you in their lives on this one of a kind tour.

Downtown LA Graffiti/Mural Tour An amazing trip through the vibrant and creative DTLA Arts District led by actual urban artists.

Santa Fe Art Colony Tour The second largest art colony in Los Angeles, Santa Fe is a true hidden gem in South Downtown Los Angeles, awash in creativity and amazing artists to meet.

Alley Adventure Bike Tour For those that want to skip the more gentrified Arts District tour in favor of a little grit and authenticity of a true urban art experience. Amazing art by top artists hidden in the back alleys of South DTLA.

Craft Beer and Urban Art Tour We’ve teamed up with our friends at SoCalBrew Bus to bring you an all inclusive lunch, beer, and art experience. Tour 3 craft breweries with a beer guide, sample delicious local craft beers and delicious food, and get guided through some of the best urban art in Los Angeles by one of our urban art experts. This tour has it all.




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