Small Group Walking and Bicycle Tours


Since 2007, LA Art Tours has specialized in small group guided walking tours that go off the beaten path. Anyone can wander galleries sandwiched between boutiques and salons in Beverly Hills. Anyone can go to a massive Artwalk and jostle with crowds of thousands for a peek at a few paintings.

We take a different approach.

Our guides are all artists. Taking you into their own lofts and studios, down mural filled streets and graffiti filled alleys, and into unique creative art spaces of artists all over the Los Angeles region. They love living in these amazing creative communities, and they love showing them off to you

Downtown Los Angeles Arts District Graffiti and Mural Tour

Long a pioneer of the global graffiti art scene, Los Angeles is home to an amazing quantity of gifted urban artists, muralists and street art pioneers. This tour takes you to the famous Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where you’ll learn it all from artists who have called this neighborhood home for decades.

Thu, Sat, Sun       2 Hours       $18/guest

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Alley Adventure Graffiti and Urban Art BICYCLE Tour

Our graffiti and Mural walking tour has been taking guests through the Arts District for years, marveling at some of the best art in Los Angeles. But there are several other less known areas packed with amazing art, and the LA Art Tour guides know right where to find it. Rent our bikes or bring your own.

Sat, Sun       2.5 Hours       $19-28/guest

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Exclusive Insider Tour of the World's Largest Art Colony

550 artists. 16 Acres. 23 Buildings. The Brewery is the WORLD’S LARGEST artist residence complex. Built in a retired Pabst brewery, we’re taking you into the lofts to meet a select group of top artists for an  amazing art adventure. There is no other art tour like this in the world.

Twice per month      2 Hours      $12/guest

On Temporary Hiatus

Arts District Craft Beer and Graffiti Art Tour

What better to mix with our famous graffiti tour than a bunch of craft beer breaks? We’ve teamed up with our friends from SoCal Beer Bus to bring you an amazing hybrid tour experience. 2 guides (a beer and an art expert.) 3 beer stops. And a whole lot of walls filled with great art. A perfect Saturday.

Twice per month   3.5 Hours   $25-75/guest

On Temporary Hiatus

Gabba Alley Project Mural and Graffiti Tour

We love to take guests off the beaten path, exploring the hidden side of the LA art scene. Historic FilipinoTown is the home of an amazing display of alley artwork curated by Jason Ostro of Gabba Gallery. Led by a local graffiti legend who lives right on the route, this is a tour for the true graf fans.

Twice per month    2 Hours      $12/guest

On Temporary Hiatus

Santa Fe Art Colony (Los Angeles) loft and studio Tour

Hidden communities of artists abound in LA, and the Santa Fe Art Colony is one of the best. Tucked away in an industrial area south of Downtown, this enclave is home to 100 artists living and working in a 4 building former factory. We get you through the gates and into the secrets of this amazing place.

Monthly        2 Hours          $12/guest

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