The Brewery Art Complex Tour

 The Brewery Art Complex Tour

The World’s Largest ARTIST LIVE/WORK COMPLEX is right here in Los Angeles!

  • 16 acres
  • 23 Buildings
  • 310 unique studios and lofts housing over 500 artists.

Most of the studios and lofts are only open to the public during the yearly Art Walk.  We give you a chance to skip the jostling crowds of thousands and instead meet the artists in their own intimate environment.  A truly unique tour unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

“Incredible tour! An artgasm! It’s so stimulating to see awesome work in intimate settings. The tour (a very small group) visits ten artists’ lofts. These are homes and personal work spaces. You smell the paint and the supplies, see the tools, step over the mess to reach amazing pieces. We saw paintings, illuminated wire sculptures, decorative masks, 3D time-travel (too unusual to explain in a short post), neon, photo-collage hybrids, and more… all top-quality stuff. A wonderful night! Do this!” – Basil N. via Yelp

Though we’d love to show you inside every loft in the Brewery, that tour would take about 2 weeks.  Instead we’ll show you the unique, historic grounds (including spectacular views of downtown) and bring you to the lofts of a select group of 7-8 amazing artists. No generic guides here, your hosts are actual artists and members of the community, bringing you right into the lofts of their friends and neighbors. The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours and covers a distance of about 1 mile on the 16 acre grounds (including a few flights of stairs.)

The Brewery Arts Complex tour is an amazing deal at just $12/person. 

Links to the Artists of the Brewery Arts Complex tour here

The tour starts at the LAST GATE ON THE LEFT at the end of Moulton Avenue, in front of Dystopian Studios. There is plentiful free parking on Moulton Avenue. 

  brewery map

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