Burton Gray


Burton Gray is always a crowd favorite on our Brewery Art Complex Tour. His work is fascinating, and he has an engaging way of letting all of you art fans understand his process as he shows you around his live/work loft.


From Burton:
I moved to the Brewery to pursue my creative ambition of making spectacular visions available to everyone who wants to love art. Drawing since age 4 and trained as an oil painter [Art Center Alum(’04 Ill./FA)], I now paint digitally on a growing collection of continually evolving artworks I call “Living Art.” Best known for my work “Skull,” as well as my “Fantasia,” “Sad Robots,” and “Animal” series. My images live with me, they evolve with me, they die with me. Museum quality productions of these works are available on-line, in galleries and from my Studio. Each is signed, thumb printed, and “double-dated.” The “Evolution Date” is the date and time the Master file was last saved, the “Creation Date” is the date the UltraChrome Print of my work is produced, and the thumb print authenticates the work as being made by the hand of the artist.”

Check out Burton’s work here:

Burton’s Website

Burton’s Facebook

Burton’s Instagram

And stop in and visit him on a tour real soon!

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