Gabba Alley Project Graffiti and Mural Tour

Gabba Alley Project Graffiti and Mural Tour

LIMITED RUN. Select WEDNESDAYS in June and August! BOOK NOW!
We love to take our guests off the beaten path, exploring the hidden side of the Los Angeles art scene. So we’re bringing you to Historic Filipino Town for one of the most amazing displays of hidden artwork in Los Angeles.

In 2014 Gabba Gallery owner Jason Ostro decided to take action and beautify the neighborhood his gallery called home. Gathering a small army of volunteer local and visiting mural and graffiti artists, the Gabba Alley Project was born. 4 years later, there are now over 125 pieces of amazing art bringing wonder and beauty to a corner of Los Angeles most visitors (and many residents) don’t even know exists. From large murals gracing entire building facades, to tiny hidden treasures tucked in nooks and corners.

You’ll be led through these vibrant and colorful alleys and hidden back parking lots by local graffiti artist, educator and tour guide extraordinaire Galo Canote. Galo lives overlooking these streets, and has a mural of his own gracing one of the walls. You’ll also pay a visit to the Gabba Gallery, where Jason Ostro will discuss the project and answer your questions about this amazing endeavor.

The tour runs approximately 2 hours. We begin at the newly opened opened Tactile Coffee (3109 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057) where our friends can happily serve up a hot or cold beverage to kick start your adventure. From there your guide will give you a history of Historic Filipinotown, a history of graffiti and mural art, and walk you through the art and lives of over 90 artists, both Los Angeles greats and visiting masters, each showcasing their unique style of urban art. Feel free to bring a camera, there will be plenty of amazing photos to snap.

For a very limited time, tickets are only $12 per person. The tour begins at Tactile Coffee. Please be mindful of parking restrictions on local streets and lots.

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