Partnership Opportunities


Local businesses, hotels, tour operators, non-profit/educational organizations, restaurants, journalists/media, we might be interested in partnering with you. For partnership inquiries, send a message to info@laarttours or call Kevin at 310-503-2365 to discuss.



Employment Opportunities


We might have a guide position available for you!

You must be able to handle the walking (approximately 1-2 mile per tour) and must be enthusiastic and personable. All of our guides are artists who live or create in the area they are guiding tours in. This is a part time gig, and will typically include guiding 1-2 tours per week. Pay will vary based on number of tour attendees. Guides will also be eligible for commissions on sales. Send a resume and any additional information:

Want to start your own tour?

La Art Tours is always looking for awesome new places to send our guests. If you have such a place in mind, and would like to be a paid tour guide, let us know. If the location works for us, we’d love to have you run the tour. We’ll set you up with a page on our website, we can handle bookings and advertising, you’ll just need to make sure the tour route is planned, and then lead our guests on their adventure! Contact us for more details.