Seniors LIVE-VIRTUAL Art Tours

We started our Live-Virtual tours with  a focus on students studying from home. We soon learned an even greater need existed with seniors isolated from neighbors, friends, and loved ones. We’ve developped our senior tour options with this in mind.

We can do tours via the Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting options. For senior communities where residents can still come together in a common area, we’ve found the Webinar platform provides an excellent interactive experience. The guests can view their artist- guide showing the amazing art filled streets, and ask questions via the Q&A funtion on Zoom. This allows them to interact freely with others in their location and still enjoy the shared experience.

For seniors looking to connect with family and friends on an art adventure, we usually use the Zoom Meetings format. This allows everyone on the meeting to see and interact with each other, and not just the guide. The artist-guide is still showing off the art and taking questions, but friends/family can also have a fun time connecting with each other. And believe us, for those with children and grandchildren they are looking to connect with, Graffiti and Mural art is an amazing generational bridge.

  • Private interactive live-virtual tours available 7 days/week, 8 AM – 8 PM PST
  • Standard private tour $90 per Group. Includes a 1 hour interactive tour with your very own guide and videographer.
  • All tours include a free online guide filled with photos and artist names of all of the art on the tour! 
  • Longer tours are available.

To instant book a private LIVE-VIRTUAL Tour, click the link. If you need a more personalized experience or have questions, email or text 310.503.2365